Redskins’ Taylor Shown Red Card

So I’m looking for a good reason why all sports don’t adopt some version of the soccer rituals for discipline. That is, why don’t American sports hand out yellow and red cards?

I mean, they already have parallels in most sports: the technical foul in basketball (yellow — and two of them earn you a red), warnings in baseball (usually the ump shows the pitcher a yellow before he tosses him with the red, but you can earn a straight red if the umpire suspects overt revenge), and personal fouls in football (yellow sets you back 15 yards, and if you fight or try to hurt someone they can show you the red).*

Also, they should adopt the suspension rules for a red card and have Sean Taylor stay home for the Seahawks game.

*Hockey is exempted because hockey has the penalty box, which is awesome.

Redskins’ Taylor fined $17K for spitting at Pittman[ESPN]

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