Rooney v Kaka, Better-Half Edition

We’ll hear a lot from the footy blathermonkeys tipping Wayne Rooney and Kaka to star at this summer’s World Cup. And that’s all well and good. But how have they done for themselves off the pitch? That’s Mrs. Kaka, Caroline Celico on the left, and the future Mrs. Rooney, Coleen McLoughlin, on the right.

I bet Kaka's Mrs. skips the bangers and mash for breakfast

Errr, round one to the Brasilian!

Generally speaking, we consider posting photos of scantily clad women to be coarse and vulgar. And we hate to be getting down on people for not getting to the gym often enough. But there’s just SO MUCH great stuff in the British tabloids about these people that it really can’t be helped.

Classy Coleen goes from chav to chav-not [Daily Mail]

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