Captain America Accepts Cash, Paypal

How would you like it?  Straight cash, homey.Man City announced last night that they had signed USA Captain (and generally underappreciated “Best USA Field Player”) Claudio Reyna to a one-year contract extension. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but we can all be confident that Claudio will earn less than most backup centers in the NBA.

Claudio must be a pretty cool cat to get a new deal when he’s (a) 32, (b) has a history of injuries and (c) is injured right now. Still, with this new deal in place, plus the undoubtedly lucrative earnings from his book, Captain America should be able to retire comfortably to the Jersey suburbs and raise scrappy central midfielders with good field vision. After a few years of mailing it in in MLS, of course.

Reyna Signs On [Manchester City Official Site]

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