When Does Bruce Arena Get To Be A Guest?

Sure, UVA used to rough us up; but I know I make more money than Bruce ArenaSo we had always heard rumors that Daily Show Talking-Head-In-Chief (and “Our Hero”) Jon Stewart played a little footy in college at William and Mary. This much we knew. What we didn’t know was that Jon’s team faced off with (and routinely lost to, apparently) none other than Bruce Arena’s UVA teams.

Also worth noting is Jon Stewart’s admission that things weren’t always so serious in college soccer in the early 80s; I think that’s a polite way of saying that “the coach didn’t care if we partied a lot or generally carried on like jackasses.”

What I’m really hoping for out of all of this (beyond a Bruce Arena appearance on The Daily Show, of course) is for U.S. Soccer to get a new celebrity fan. That is, a celebrity fan who isn’t Drew Carey. I don’t think that’s asking so much. At the very least they could get Rob Corddry to do a faux remote from Germany this summer.

Jon Stewart…On Soccer [Soccer America]

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