Winning Eleven 9 Ships February 7 but Really February 8

Note: the defender pictured on this cover actually has a good chance of playing for both his club and national teams.So today’s the big day. Or at least yesterday was supposed to be the big day, but due the peculiarities of the video game supply chain and distribution model, games that officially launch on a Tuesday don’t actually make it into stores until Wednesday. So despite the promises of game manufacturers and the gamer press, the February 7 launch date for Winning Eleven 9 actually means February 8.

(The folks at Konami really need to do something with the name — we’re edging ever closer to the release of Winning Eleven 11, an event which might tear a hole in the space-time continuum and make little Ximelez’s head explode.)

I really wouldn’t bring this up save for the fact that I rolled into two (2) stores yesterday trying desperately to purchase Winning Eleven 9, to no avail. I might also add that the exact same thing happened to me last year. And the year before that. I just keep thinking that this is going to be the year when they actually release the product on the day that the web sites say they will! I long to begin the extensive and arduous task of building up my Master League squad! And changing the uniforms!

And yes, I’ll be turning 30 this year.

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