Mercifully It’s Not Called “Peter Brackley 06”

Where are Andy Gray and Martin Tyler?So I’m playing a little Winning Eleven, guiding the boys through their first season, when the XBox crashes (it does that a lot these days; poor little guy).

So I switch back to TV to catch the end of the (always excellent, UK-produced) EPL Preview show on Fox Soccer Channel, and whose voice do I hear but Winning Eleven/ Pro Evolution Soccer commentator Peter Brackley’s! Peter Brackley on my very own TV! Just moments after he’d been pronouncing words like “Ximelez” and “Iouga.”

Anyway, that’s what he looks like. And I definitely need to know more about this “stand-up comedy routine” from his bio.

(This is all a long way of saying that it was almost like playing an American sports video game.)

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