Ashley Cole: Set To Vibrate

This is 'cause my name is Ashley, idn't itWe have to at least applaud the workrate of the good folks over at News Of The World. Just six weeks after they completely torpedoed England’s chances in this summer’s World Cup with the Sheikgate scandal, they’ve now fixed their aim on England and Arsenal left back Ashley Cole, alleging that he participated in a “gay orgy” that somehow involved a mobile phone set to vibrate.

Though this is far trashier than anything The Post ever printed about Mike Piazza, it’s worth noting that the British tabloids (and the European tabloids more generally) aren’t above printing the details of heterosexual sexcapades as well. So at least they’re equal-opportunity offenders.

Note that this isn’t stopping Ashley Cole from suing them (which, thanks to UK libel laws, might actually work out for him).

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