Jimmy Conrad Is A Giant Geek*

Because you were looking for a board game that took longer than Monopoly and involved less cheatingWe’ve long since been a fan of U.S. National Team hopeful Jimmy Conrad, if only because of his charming little columns that ran on cnnsi.com and now ESPN Soccernet (moving up in the world!). So much so that we’re barely surprised by his apparent fondness for The Settlers of Catan; we figure if he’s the go-to guy for the “blog,” he probably has other nerdy tendencies as well.

The whole insider/ player blog thing is obviously a format with legs; think of Paul Shirley, only shorter and more talented (my proof: Paul Shirley is not mentioned in conversations regarding USA Basketball; that said, he apparently has a TV development deal). And though we’re pulling for Mr. Conrad to make Bruce Arena’s World Cup squad, it’s looking more and more like he’s on the bubble. Maybe he can make the cut as official team blogger — take that, Carlos Bocanegra!

*It should go without saying that his geekiness is what makes him so endearing.

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