If Harrison Counts As New York, Then South Jersey Counts As Philly

Of course, we're pulling for orange and black to be the official strip; we'll take kelly green and silver as a consolation prizeAfter years of lamenting and grumbling among the staff of FC Camena, it looks like there might be a legit plan in the works to bring an MLS team to the Philly area. Apparently MLS has long coveted the Philly market, but the lack of a proper stadium (which mostly means that neither Jeff Lurie nor Comcast were on board) has pushed them towards more exciting markets like Columbus and Salt Lake City.

Though I don’t know how I’m vibing the whole South Jersey thing (especially since it’s legit South Jersey, and not just a ferry ride across the Delaware), this is undoubtedly good news for MLS, and good news for Philly. Philly has some proud footy history, and, ahem, the people there seem to enjoy their sports (see also: While the NHL continues to struggle, Philly can sell out a MINOR LEAGUE hockey game).

And, if nothing else, I see this as a great opportunity for MLS to offer their least-family-friendly stadium experience ever!

South Jersey to get 1st pro franchise [Morris County Daily Record]

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