One Of You Needed To Wear Yellow

Someone forgot to do the uniforms; should we start over?In what will surely be one of many MLS sartorial commentaries over the coming months, allow me to say that someone should have been fired for the wardrobes that were trotted out at the HDC for the Chivas – Real Salt Lake match. I don’t know if it’s the equipment managers, Don Garber, or Brandi Chastain, but someone needs to get their head on straight in re: acceptable uniform combinations for professional soccer games.

That is, Chivas wore red and white striped shirts with blue trim, blue shorts, and blue socks. Real Salt Lake wore red shirts with blue and yellow trim, blue shorts, and white socks. Right. So both teams wore shirts with red prominently involved along with blue shorts. Errr, no. I know we’re all a bit hamstrung with the Chivas shirts (being pretty much the same home and away — both doing a good job of hogging both red and white), but there needs to be something a little more clever at work here. I mean, there are only twelve (12) teams. It shouldn’t be that hard.

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