USA 1-1 Jamaica: Ew. Gross.

I desperately wanted to find a photo of Josh Wolff's eyebrowsNot an impresive showing from the US MNT last night in Cary, NC against Jamaica last night. With a team comprised exclusively of domestic based players who were, by all accounts, playing in their final audition for Bruce Arena’s World Cup squad, the U.S. looked confused and lethargic. I know that they all play in MLS, but that doesn’t mean that they should have treated this as an April match against a non-conference opponent (not that intra-conference matches are so much more competitive).

At the very least, this match afforded certain guys the freedom to invest in a plasma so they can enjoy all 64 games in HD this summer. Despite the goal (which was cheap, poorly defended, and not particularly deserved), Ben Olsen did not impress. I also don’t need to see Chris Albright anymore. Of the New England midfielders, the only one who’ll make a difference in Germany is Dempsey (who seems to be getting better every match). And I really didn’t think any of the forwards looked sharp (though Ching at least gets an A for effort). Especially not longtime nemesis Josh Wolff and his exquisitely plucked eyebrows.

On the plus side, it was great to see JOB out there (though ‘Cello needed to towel off with the praise a bit) and Landycakes hit some lovely free kicks.

All in all, it was a pretty lame performance in what should have been a gimme game. If guys can’t show up for their final tryout, then they’re probably not going to show up when it’s the real thing.

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