Beasley In Dutch With Eindhoven 5-0

We never found out if that chain was his.Though certainly modest by the standards of typical U.S. athlete scandals (No indictment? No sexual assualt? No 1,600 pounds of marijuana?), young DaMarcus Beasley has gotten himself into trouble with the Dutch cops. Beasley’s been charged with drunken driving for an incident back in January. He’ll probably be fined, though there’s a chance he could lose his license. His Dutch license.

The irony here is, of course, that in the country with the most liberal drug policy in the world, the cops didn’t find any mind-bending intoxicants tucked into the ashtray, while you can’t pull over a pro athlete in the U.S. without finding narcotics and at least two (2) handguns (“The Glock? That isn’t mine. I have no idea why it’s here.”) Still, shame on you, DMB. You can afford the cab.

Beasley To Face Drunken Driving Charges [ESPN Soccernet]

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