Landycakes Out For Vengeance!

America!  F*%k Yeah!Given that U.S. Soccer is for the most part spared a hostile domestic press, it’s quite a thing to find an actual hatchet job on an American player or coach (screeds on Big Soccer or blogs don’t count). So you can imagine my delight when I found this gem on Landycakes in the British papers from over the weekend.

Did we just say that Landycakes “failed to impress” while with Leverkusen last year? NO! He came back ’cause he didn’t like the weather and missed his pretty girlfriend, right? Right? Did we also just see his quote to support the statement, “He admits the quality of MLS falls a long way short of the European game”? (“‘The gap has closed but there’s still a big difference,’ he says.”)

Also, he vows revenge against the German team. Ummm. Right.

(But I’ll admit a little grin at the writer’s begrudging compliments for the U.S. squad at the end.)

Donovan has a point to prove. [Telegraph UK]
An awesome site about Landon Donovan. Awesome.

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