And That About Wraps It Up For England

Imaginary Wayne Rooney will be the only one on the field for England this summerSo in the interests of being polite in the presence of our friends from across the pond, let me carefully and delicately say that ENGLAND HAVE EXACTLY ZERO-POINT-ZERO CHANCE OF WINNING THE WORLD CUP WITHOUT WAYNE ROONEY.

What’s even crazier was that I actually thought that England had a fighting chance. When the majority of the football coverage you read is in English, it means you read a lot of British press. And as opposed to previous England teams, I actually didn’t think the British press were exaggerating their chances this time around. At least until the idiot coach got stung by the tabloid and the most gifted English player I had ever seen in my entire life, ever, broke his foot.

I mean, this team won’t be terrible, but they had a puncher’s chance as of a couple months ago. Oh well. I actually confess to a weakness for this England squad, only because I’ve finally come to appreciate the level of crap they have to deal with from the press.

(I just hope this doesn’t keep Coleen out of the news.)

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