Our Far-Flung Correspondents

Click for a link the larger imageAs much as we sometimes get a bit wrapped up in soccer as media event/ TV show, we’re also big believers in footy as one of the few things pretty much the entire world can get behind. So we’re natually predisposed to smile when we get e-mails from our friend who’s serving in Iraq about a friendly the U.S. army and Iraqi police played this week. The match report from our amateur correspondent/ dude who hadn’t played much soccer since he was 10:

“After practicing it became apparent that the only place I could really contribute as a starter would be as goalie. This was because the US team had various players of African and South American descent who had played soccer their whole lives and were very good- far eclipsing my old youth soccer league skills!

I figured that 3rd base and goalie are kind of similar and it worked out well as I actually stopped some pretty tough shots in the first half and
went on to shut them out. The first picture is of one of my better saves — showing off my mighty 10″ vertical leap!

It was a good time though and one of the few times everyone completely took their mind off their work.”

To which we can only say, hells yeah. F.C. Camena salutes you.

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