Attention Paying MLS Customers

A thoughtful Eric at homeWhile others have certainly lauded Eric Wynalda in this space before, let me pile on with this little gem from this afternoon’s Galaxy – Revs broadcast on the Deuce. JP casually mentions that Landycakes hasn’t seemed very involved in the game so far. And Wynalda pounces (he can’t help himself) and observes that Landycakes is “coasting” and that “he’s been accused of this before.”

Wynalda then cut Landycakes a little slack about the “coasting” by suggesting that perhaps he was spooked by the Frankie Hedjuk injury and wanted to be safe on the field. Uh huh. Last time I checked, there were paying customers in the stands, and it sure sounds like Wynalda was suggesting that not all the players were giving it their all. Um, these games are supposed to mean something? Sort of? Maybe a little? Could you at least fake it?

Good for you, Eric Wynalda, for calling it like it is out there. (At least until they try to get rid of you.)

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