USA v Latvia, Featuring Top-Secret Merch

Because you really needed a third jersey to buy
I’m feeling slightly better about the US MNT after the Friday win against Venezuela. Not that Venezuela is all that or that the team played perfectly, but at least the players on the field looked engaged and motivated. Maybe it was because they all knew this was their big shot to impress Il Bruce before June 12, or maybe they just knew that Venezuela was someone they could jump all over — either way, it was nice to see some pace and passion out there. If nothing else, we learned that Bobby Convey (who was abusing the right side of Venezuela like they were rookie cornerbacks) should probably play a lot of minutes in Germany. At who’s expense, I’m not sure (but it smells like DMB?).

I’m taping the match this afternoon (going to be in the middle of nowhere at a rock concert), will probably check it out tomorrow. I don’t know much about Latvia save for the research I did on it as a possible bachelor party destination, but we can assume they’ll bring an inexperienced squad who will play hard. For the US, I think I’d like to see a little more Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching, Berhalter needs a run, and perhaps a little more JOB (but not too much; he’s fragile).

I do not need to see any additional minutes of Josh Wolff and his exquisitely plucked eyebrows.

Also, the team will be wearing top-secret red merch jerseys. Go Nike! Don’t Tread On Us! Woo-hoo!

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