Lippi Insists On Giving Has-Been/ Never-Was Another Chance

Easy there, big fellaMore outstanding news (for the USA) coming out of the Italy camp this week. Coach Marcello Lippi (whom we can only imagine remains permanently dazed at this point by the nonstop scandalmongering in re: the recent unpleasantness with the match-fixing in Serie A) has decided to cut the rest of Group E some slack and consider starting overrated Has-Been/ Never-Was in the offensive midfield for two of Italy’s pre-World Cup friendlies.

It’s not that we think Del Piero is terrible in the grand scheme of things (he’d certainly start for the USA). But when you’re the only decent attacking player of your particular generation in Italy, you tend to get overhyped, despite never really performing/ living up to expectations/ recovering from your knee injury. And now you’re a little cautious, a little slow, and will keep scarier younger players off the field.

Marcello Lippi, on behalf of the rest of Group E, I salute you!

(Also, here’s hoping Totti isn’t quite fit yet. He actually is nearly as good as his hype.)

Totti to make return for Italians [Fox Soccer]

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