Bobby Convey Reppin’ The 2-1-5

Fine, we can admit when we're wrongAight. We admit it. We’ve been down on Bobby Convey in the past.

But that was the sulky Bobby Convey who thought he was too good for D.C. United and wanted to head overseas to play in England. Generally speaking, we like this sort of ambition. What we didn’t like were the reports that he wasn’t fighting for a spot at Reading and generally was looking like he might repeat Landycakes’ ill-fated European adventure.

Shame on us.

Convey turned it aound, became a regular on Reading (a favorite here at Camena), helped them earn promotion to the Premiership, and is making a fantastic case for a starting spot for the US in Germany.

Shame on us again.

Even better, the Philly papers have taken a break from bashing Charlie Manuel and stressing about the Eagles WRs to open their World Cup coverage with a profile of Philly-native (grew up in the Northeast, went to Penn Charter) Convey — and he totally represents for the Illadelph(!):

“One of the things that is great about being in the World Cup is that I played in the city on the same fields that a lot of kids are playing on today,” Convey say.

“I didn’t have a lot of money, but I just played and kept getting better, and good things happened. I hope that kids today can look at me and see that somebody in the same situation as them can succeed and do something special. It’s exciting to represent Philadelphia in the World Cup.”

(I can’t believe they didn’t ask him what he thought of the Birds’ chances without TO.)

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