Imaginary Soccer (And Not Just Shirts)

It wouldn’t be the World Cup (or really any major domestic or international sporting event) without some imaginary sports. While I flirted with the idea of doing the traditional draft-and-spreadsheet driven player pool, I realized that actually being at the World Cup might prevent me from doing a proper job on the administrative duties. So, we’re going to outsource.

While I’ve been a happy Yahoo! fantasy customer for years, their player pool was, ahem, a bit unwieldy. That is, there’s no way I could have dealt with the level of effort it was going to require if I was sleeping on trains in Europe for a week. So we’re going to go with the slightly friendlier Fox Soccer imaginary soccer platform(s). Fox Soccer, consider this your reward for letting me enjoy so much footy on the television. Also, you had me where you let me design a little Camena uniform for my fantasy team. You know me so well!

We’re going to do both a Predictor League and a Fantasy League. That means we’re going to do one where you pick who’s going to win the games (Predictor) and one where you pick players and score points based on their performance, like a fantasy league (player pool). Links and login info below. You’ll need to sign up first, and then join a league called “FC Camena” (it’s called that for both games); use the code below as the password. Note that you’ll need to get all your picks for each set before the first game kicks off on Friday — so be sure not to lollygag!


League name: FC Camena
Code: 8019-942

Fantasy Player Pool

League name: FC Camena
Code: 4113-633

Any questions or issues, mail me at Note that this league is open to all — so feel free to pass along to your friends.

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