Craptastic USA loses 0-3 to “Pretty Good” Czech Republic

Oh crapSo that didn’t work out well at all.

I haven’t seen the second half yet, but whoa, that really was not the way you want to open the tournament. Not just the loss, but giving up the three goals — makes it really really tough to win tiebreakers when you’re down three in the goals column. Yikes. And to make matters worse, Koller got injured, making the tasks of Italy and Ghana that much easier.

The USA really didn’t look like they knew what to do with the Czechs. You wonder what might have happened if Reyna’s shot had gone in, but, in all honesty, the Czechs just had a ton more class out there. Yikes. I guess they were more “experienced” than “old” today. And they scored some beautiful goals.

This will require further scrutiny tonight after work. Until then, I’ll be watching Italy – Ghana and hoping for freak non-serious injuries.

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