What Does The Smile Of A Peasant Look Like?

jbeck.jpgWe’ve admittedly gone a little light on the tabloid-y stuff (depsite the fact that FC Camena has had over 500 hits this month from people searching for “Caroline Celico,” aka Mrs. Kaka) of late, but this little tidbit is just too much. This is a little bit of old news, but still. German daily Bild took some potshots at the greater Beckham family (and not Posh!). I could quote, but I think I’ll let it speak for itself:

Bild, Germany’s top selling newspaper, published its article after the entire Beckham family decamped to Frankfurt to watch England’s opening World Cup match against Paraguay on Saturday.

Beckham’s 24-year-old sister Joanne came in for especially harsh treatment in the full-page spread accompanied by color photographs.

“Dear me, is she chubby. Arms, bust, bum, all very British. Joanne is the sort of girl who drinks sangria on the beach in Majorca. And then dances on a table with her top off,” said the paper.

The Real Madrid star, who earns an estimated 17 million pounds (32 million dollars) a year, flew his relatives to Frankfurt in a private jet.

Bild described his mother Sandra, 50, as the “superstar’s mum with the smile of a peasant”.

(Fingers remain crossed in re: a Germany-England showdown in the Round of 16. And not just for the tabloid-y fun.)

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