Wynalda rips Reyna, does funny voices

ericw.jpgWell isn’t that Eric Wynalda just en fuego on ESPN’s World Cup Live studio show! Wynalda is championing the “USA is better off without Claudio Reyna” argument, which seems to be based on some spurious evidence (mostly because Reyna doesn’t play enough qualifiers against the low-end CONCACAF teams) and not the game we all watched earlier this week (take Reyna off the pitch and the number of players capable of possessing the ball for the US goes from 1 to 0). Said argument is also finding support among some of the lunatic fringe on BigSoccer.

I think said argument is nuts, but hey, at least Wynalda makes for some good television. Especially when he does things like “talk in the David Beckham voice,” which is “freakin’ hilarious.” (Kind of a high-pitched sqeaky thing.)

I’m just waiting for Julie Foudy to ask him how many World Cups he’s won.

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