And, starwipe.

While the US got the help they needed from the Azzuri, it was no match for 12-man Ghana. Although, in fairness, even excepting the BS penalty awarded to the Black Stars the US would have earned a tie, which wouldn’t have been enough to qualify for the knock-out phase.

So, I’ll kick off the “where was Landycakes” bitching, as well as the “why didn’t Arena go offensive earlier” commentary. In fairness on the second count, Eddie Johnson’s touch was pretty awful when he did finally get into the game.

Kudos to Clint Dempsey, who definitely brought it today, and I think Eddie Lewis acquitted himself well after an awful performance in his previous start (against Czech). Also, while Beasley had an inconsistent game, his setup of Dempsey on the US goal was absolutely phenomenal.

Curious to hear the reaction from those in-stadium. On to the qualifying for 2010…

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