How many black, Gypsy, and Japanese friends do YOU have?

Dude, seriouslyAhead of today’s Spain – France Round of 16 matchup, the press have asked Spanish coach Luis Aragones — who famously referred to France superstar/ one of the coolest footballers ever Thierry Henry as a “black piece of sh*t” last year — if he would like to rescind or apologize for those comments.

Makes sense, right? Easy chance to make amends for an earlier indiscretion? Especially at the World Cup (“A Time To Make Friends ™”)?

Nope. What he said:

“No, no, don’t go down that road. Henry knows through Reyes, through everything [how I feel]. I won’t talk about it for another second. It’s a topic that isn’t worth talking about. Why? Because it’s not like that. I have black, Gypsy and Japanese friends, including one whose job is to determine the sex of poultry.”

I can’t even begin to understand what that sex of poultry thing is about. Must be some sort of cultural subtlety.

Aragones will not say sorry [The Guardian]

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