Il Bruce To Coach The VRBs!

Look at me in my jeans and blazer!

Remember all the big fancy talk about Bruce Arena looking for work in Europe after the World Cup? Bruce himself even indulged those rumors a bit back when hopes were high (circa early May in Cary, NC). And it almost felt right — Bruce seemed like the kind of coach who might make an impact at a middle-tier European club willing to roll the dice with a foreign coach.

But instead of a foreign club, he signed up with foreign owners and took over the lame and sucky New York Red Bulls (RBVs). Hmmm. I mean, good for the Red Bulls. Sort of. And good for Bruce, since it sounds like he got a raise out of the deal. But I’m not terribly convinced that this is a job that will earn his full attention, and it’s tough to believe that Red Bulls fans (including the better part of the Camena staff) are going to get a better team out of the deal. Maybe Bruce can wave a magic wand and convince them that MLS soccer actually matters?

Now that we’ve had a couple days to process it all, would love to hear from the boys in the NYC about this. We’ve got bigger professional sports stories to fry up here in C@L.

Arena signs on to lead Red Bulls [New York Red Bulls]

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