MLS Coming To Philly Sooner Than Expected?

Reppin the Philly AtomsWhile we’ve been tracking the MLS-to-Philly story for a while now (and have long since sworn to buy Philly soccer officially licensed products as soon as such products might become available), some stories have dropped in the past week that suggest that Major League Soccer might arrive in the Delaware Valley as early as next season.

Apparently in the absence of a new footy-only stadium, the Wizards are not long for Kansas City, and Philly has been identified as a semi-likely new home. They haven’t yet identified exactly where the team would play — Franklin Field appears to be top of the list, at least until the South Jersey thing gets moving — but hey, details details. As noted before, if Philly can sell out minor league hockey and get 10,000 people to show up for Eagles training camp, I think they can put some butts in seats for soccer. (The Phillies are a different story.)

Just please don’t call the team the Wizards. Also, let them wear Kelly green and silver (since Houston stole orange and black).

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