MLS Looks Decent Against Lazy and Polite Chelski!

What is this place, this Bridgeview?You know, they didn’t actually look that bad!

Sure, Chelsea weren’t really in form (as Jose was happy to remind us after the game), and the last thing they wanted to do was make their hosts look bad, but the boys from MLS actually looked like they belonged on the field with the lads from Stamford Bridge. They certainly had a few looks at the Chelsea goal (though it seemed like they had a ton of shots blocked by defenders), and De Rosario’s strike was pretty legit.

Good for you, Don Garber!

Cheers to Jose for actually putting Sheva and Ballack out there to start the game (Sheva seemed more adept at getting himself involved than Ballack, but hey, it’s a long season), and then bringing on legitimately expensive substitutes as well. And certainly Drogba was into it (he even dove whilst under hot pursuit from Jimmy Conrad, who was right to protest)! Good stuff indeed.

I’ll even say that I liked what I saw out of Freddy Adu out there, if only because it’s becoming more and more evident that he has the best ball skills of anyone currently living in America. And it turns out that ball skills matter (which will allow us to overlook the part where he froze up on that breakaway and didn’t get a shot off), especially for the national team. Let’s make sure we keep Freddy in the fold. Though it wouldn’t hurt for him to grow another couple inches; I can’t imagine that he and Shawn Wright-Phillips combine for more than 250 lbs.

MVP De Rosario Leads All Stars to Win []

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