Is It Football Season In Engerland Already?

Footy is back!So it’s been what, six freakin’ weeks since the end of the World Cup?

The first two weeks were the “what are the Italians going to do about the recent unpleasantness” weeks. Then there was a little quiet (call it a week and a half). But pretty soon the big clubs were off on their international tours (two weeks ago), last weekend was the Charity Shield, and voila — time for the start of the EPL Season! The footy people don’t know how good they have it! Here I am, desperately reading every freakin’ page of Eagles-related content from January to September, sitting on my hands and trying not to act like a loser until the NFL starts up again, and the footy people can barely catch their breath before it’s time to kick off a whole new season.

Oh wait. I’m a footy person too.

With a new season looming, it’s time for predictions. While the NYC contigent is hard at work coordinating their Saturday TV-watching and beer-swilling agenda, I hope we all have some time for preseason predictions…just copy/ paste into the comments and give it a go.

EPL Champion?
2nd Place?
3rd Place?

Which three teams will be relegated?

Which team will go furthest in Europe (Champions League or UEFA Cup)?

Who will be top scorer in the Prem?

Total points for Reading?

Total number of EPL appearances by Claudio Reyna?

Total EPL goals for Bobby Convey?

Will Brian McBride finish the season with Fulham?

And, because it wouldn’t be Camena if we didn’t ask, which team has the coolest shirt this year (home or away)?

I’ll put my answers in the comments on Friday.

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