“Not To Put Too Fine A Point On It, But I Was Awesome”

I mean, I was pretty awesomeIn case you missed it, former USMNT manager (and current New York Red Bulls headman) Bruce Arena isn’t above airing some dirty laundry in the wake of his departure from the national team. In a “candid” and “wide-ranging” interview with Sports Illustrated (those are the right cliches, right?), Il Bruce takes the “everyone at US Soccer is a loser and an idiot but me ” angle, and lays into both the administration and his former players. Some gems:

Arena: I wasn’t convinced I would come back if they wanted me back. It couldn’t go on the way it was going. There’s too many people who want to be technical directors and soccer experts that aren’t. They’re micromanagers. U.S. Soccer needs a real thorough technical direction in terms of how you go about doing business in this sport every day, and it’s not there. The national training center [at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.] is a joke in terms of a national training center. It’s an amusement park. That has to be the foundation of that organization, which it won’t be.


SI.com: You care about the U.S. team, don’t you?

Arena: Oh yeah. They’re going to win the next World Cup, from what I’m told. So I wish them the best. Because we did so poorly over the last eight years, I’m sure they’re going to win the next World Cup.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Finally, the money quote:

“Do you think I want to show them something?” Arena says. “What am I going to show them? I’ve probably showed them the finest eight years of the national team they’re going to see for a long time. I don’t need to prove anything to them.”

Never mind that Bruce seemed a little checked out even before the World Cup started or that he actually didn’t do a terribly good job getting his team ready to play. This just all seems a little bitchy, and a little unnecessary. You think Bruce Arena is actually psyched about coaching in New York? You don’t think he thought he would get a shot at a European club? If you’re really such a genius, then get the Red Bulls into the playoffs and beat someone while you’re there. Until then, maybe zip it; even T.O. doesn’t talk shiznit like this.

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