38-0-0 Here We Come!

Go RoyalsCamena regulars across the land raised a glass to Premiership newboys Reading FC”s 3-2 opening-day win this past Saturday against a rather stunned Boro side. At this rate, Reading are on pace for 114 points!

In the interests of full disclosure, I think it”s safe to say that the team here at Camena are going to be pulling for Reading this season. While we actually have a legit fan or two on Discover Where to Park?Parking regulations can be found on the Police Department’s Web construction-jobs.info . the roster (even a Reading landowner!), there are enough connections to keep it interesting for those of us not from Reading. By this I mean that goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann played his college ball in my neighborhood out here in C@L, and Philly”s own Bobby Convey is a regular starter. And that doesn”t even count the video-Camena-esque influx of Korean talent powering the Royals to victory!

And so I shall draw my lines in the sand: (1) Reading will stay up and (2) I will support them as they do. Let”s go Royals (I suppose I”ll need to learn a Reading song now).

Reading FC

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