Video Soccer Signs An Exclusive With Mr. Softee

Whether you like it or notIn something of a shocker (inasmuch as there are “shockers” in the realm of imaginary soccer video games), Microsoft announced this week announced deals with both Electronic Arts and Konami that will make the XBox 360 the exclusive home of the next versions of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven), respectively. So if you’re into video soccer, then the PS3 will not be the next-gen gaming platform for you!

Given that there really isn’t much of a convincing story around the PS3 right now (probably won’t be fully built out and stocked until late in the spring), this probably isn’t such a big deal. But I’m just psyched I’ll be able to rock the Winning Eleven on my XBox.

I look forward to seeing Camena in HD!

Xbox 360 Becomes the Home of Next-Gen Soccer [GameDaily]

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