Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham…and conspiracy theories abound!

tevez.jpgThe first two times I heard this, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe that Tevez (and Masherano, I guess) was heading to Arsenal. And I sure didn’t believe that he was heading to West Ham. This guy was the most expensive transfer in South American history, and, generally speaking, the most likeable Argentinian player since Maradona. Tevez is just that cool.

Which is not to say that West Ham isn’t that cool, but, well, you have to imagine that there were bigger clubs who were interested in young Carlos. Clubs like, wait, what’s that one in London, with the Russian guy and the smarmy coach…what’s their name again?

Could it really be that Chelsea are secretly behind the move, and are using West Ham as a feeder club to get these two boys from the unfashionable hemisphere up to speed on living in Engerland before moving them across town next summer? Could this really be true? Seems a bit of a stretch (if Abramovich wanted these guys, why not just, err, buy them?) — but hey, we like conspiracy theories.

Hammers complete Tevez, Masherano deal
Something fisy about Tevez and Masherano to West Ham deal

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