Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

It had to happen sooner or later – I managed to lose money this week. Only one of my ten correct score predictions came in – Villa of all people, and after I’d slated them for being over rated. I managed to miss five correct scores by one goal. Frustration all round. Still, the odds were sufficiently long on that one game for me to only lose £1.

This week, I may branch out into doubles on match results – what with the lure of higher predictability at reasonable odds. Or I might just ride my luck some more with correct scores. Strangely, it’s almost as if the bookies have thought about all this and it isn’t actually very easy to make a quick buck – I was rather hoping there’d be enough idiots ploughing cash into ridiculous outcomes that there might be some rich pickings for those in the know. Although it’s going to take some guess work – my form algorithm has thrown up some dodgy results – too much trend bucking these days for my liking.

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