Predictorship Week 13 – Hammer Nails Home a Top Score

Players: 41 out of 49. Points scored: 264. Highest score: 11 (Wendy Nathan). Average score: 6.43. Prediction of the Week: Middlesbrough 0-0 Liverpool (Norman No Mates, Michael Whitty).

Results: Arsenal 1-1 Newcastle (0); Chelsea 1-0 West Ham (2); Everton 1-0 Bolton (5); Manchester City 3-1 Fulham (0); Middlesbrough 0-0 Liverpool (2); Portsmouth 2-1 Watford (7); Reading 2-0 Charlton (8); Sheffield United 1-2 Manchester United (5); Blackburn 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur (12); Wigan 0-0 Aston Villa (1).

West Ham fan Wendy Nathan hits the nail on the head this week with 11 points and three correct scores to surge six places up the latest table to a very modest 35th.

Wendy’s correct scores – Portsmouth-Watford, Reading-Charlton and Blackburn-Tottenham Hotspur – were matched by Steve McHugh, who returns to the top 10 with the Poshest team in the Predictorship. David Roberts, the only other predictor to make it into double figures this week, jumps four places to 16th and Ted Warland climbs the same number of positions to 32nd with three correct scores (as above but Sheffield United-Manchester United instead of Portsmouth-Watford). Does any of this matter? At this stage of the season, probably not.

Meanwhile, Dave Taylor, king of the 1-0 scoreline, is now a point clear of Hope Arnold at the top and Nick Watson enjoys a more fruitful day at the bookies, scooping two coupon-busting correct scores. No doubt he’ll tell you all about it very soon and right here on FC Camena. A reminder, too, to vote for your favourite prediction of the week on this very site. Your fellow predictors need your support, so do it now!

News has reached us that one club among the 49 represented in the Predictorship is the biggest club in the world when it comes to the number of associates (registered paying supporters). The figure is 160,392, but what is the club in question? You’re bound to find out next week.

And finally …

Silly quote of the week: “It’s difficult to run anywhere when you’re already out there” – Everton boss David Moyes bemoans Steve McLaren’s decision to play Andy Johnson as a “wing forward” against Holland. Try running somewhere on the pitch and preferably towards the Dutch goal, Andy. That would be a good start.

“An inch or two either side of the post and it would have been a goal” – Dave Bassett, the highly perceptive former Wimbledon, Watford, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest, Barnsley and Leicester gaffer.

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