Bradley (Sigh), Yes (Sigh).

bobbradley.jpgDude, after six months the best these guys can come up with is a freakin interim coach?

An interim coach?

I mean, I don’t want to get down on Bob Bradley (ignore previous comments in re: “retread MLS coaches”), but this just isn’t terribly inspirational from U.S. Soccer. It isn’t even like they picked the best retread MLS coach. They just picked the…I don’t even know.

I guess it’s semi-charming that I might run into Mr. Bradley at The Meetings (meaning he has a chance to see the Camena crest in person!) and that he was the coach at my alma mater while I was there. That’s kind of neat. But I’m more interested in “U.S. Soccer winning games” than I am “chugging beers with him at the P-Rade.”


Bradley to be named interim U.S. coach

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