Klinsmann, No?

I'm out!Err, so I guess he’s not coming after all? Oops. Cheers to all the media who got this one wrong — way to confirm your second-class citizenship in the already downmarket U.S. footy press. Great work with all that. Note: editors at ESPN and SI are not exempt from said criticism either.

I was actually pretty pumped up for Klinsmann; he seemed like an appropriate change of pace from Il Bruce, and had a certain soccer-meets-Moneyball feel about him, what with his controversial training methods and whatnot. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Sigh.

So now we’re looking at Jose Pekerman? If we’re lucky? Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t sign up some MLS retread. I think we already had the best one of those.

Somewhere, Bruce Arena is nursing a Bud Light and smiling.

Klinsmann withdraws candidacy as U.S. coach

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