Which isn’t actually such a big deal since he can’t drink anyway

shaqadu.jpgErr, exactly what the hell does MLS think it’s doing with this Freddy Adu-to-Real Salt Lake nonsense?

Fresh off his two-week trial/ marketing tour of Manchester United, alleged American soccer savior Freddy Adu got shipped from D.C. United to Real Salt Lake, as in Utah? As in, the nation’s capital (and MLS’s most decorated team, inasmuch as MLS teams are decorated at all) to the team with the curbic zirconium name in the nation’s 50th largest metro area — ahead of Raleigh-Cary, NC (51) but behind Rochester, NY (49). Nike has got to be thrilled! And Pepsi too!

There’s no reason this should happen. The Adu thing has been managed from the get-go — with minimal complaints. If the Freddy Adu thing is at least part-marketing stunt, um, why allow this to happen? With two teams in LA? And one in New York? Even Chicago. Come on, folks — let’s keep our eye on the ball here.

(What an odd week for American soccer. Seriously.)

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