The Predictorship Cup 2007 – Round 1

Round 1 of the Predictorship Cup roars into life this weekend (January 27-28). The draw was conducted by Nick Watson’s marvellous Drawomatic Randomizer 32 – a wonderful piece of technology.

Round 1 features the predictors who occupied the top 16 league positions on December 31 (i.e. the “big guns”) plus the 16 players who made it through the Preliminary Round on January 7-8. The latest Predictorship table shows if you’re still in contention for the biggest prize in Cup football.

The draw produced some mouth-watering ties, with current Predictorship kings Manchester City (Christine Butters) travelling to fourth-placed Chelsea (Dave Taylor) in the televised game and Cup-holders Millwall (John Collins) at home to Bengal Mumbai F.C. (Haresh Mirani). Manchester United (Hope Arnold), last season’s beaten finalists, have a tricky away day at Liverpool Reserves (Saleel Sathe).

The Predictorship Cup works in exactly the same way as the Predictorship. You submit your scores in the usual way and the points you accumulate count towards your Cup score as well as your league campaign.

So, for example, if you score seven points on a Cup weekend and the opponent you are drawn against scores six points, you progress to the next round. It’s a straight knock-out competition.

Replays take place the following weekend. If the scores are level after the replay, the team with the highest number of correct scores in the replay (or over both weekends if they still cannot be separated) will be declared the winner. In the unlikely event that there is still no winner, the match will be awarded to the highest-placed team in the latest Predictorship table.

All Predictorship Cup weekends correspond with FA Cup weekends, with the final on May 19.

Everyone will be gunning for Millwall this time round after they defeated Manchester United in the 2006 Predictorship Cup final. Can the Lions make it two in a row, or will there be a different name on the trophy? (And yes, there IS a trophy.)

Round 1 Draw

1. WATFORD (David Roberts) (17) v BENFICA (Steven Dunlop) (21)
2. CLAPTON F.C. (Cathryn Harker) (15) v WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS (Pete Yoder) (12)
3. BLACKBURN ROVERS (Sally Moon) (18) v PETERBOROUGH UNITED (Steve McHugh) (7)
4. LIVING THE DREAM (Paul Bentley) (41) v WYCOMBE WANDERERS (Stewart Newport) (20)
5. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (Simon Gold) (32) v SOUTHAMPTON (Tom Palmer) (26)
6. PURPLE HAZE (Brian Dunlop) (23) v HORNETS FOREVER (Mark Davies) (46)
7. CRYSTAL PALACE (Dave McAleer) (33) v PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (Gabe Bevilacqua) (16)
8. LIVERPOOL (Joe Zalewski) (35) v WEST BERGHOLT WANDERERS (Jodie Kemp) (27)
9. CHELSEA (Dave Taylor) (4) v MANCHESTER CITY (Christine Butters) (1)
10. LIVERPOOL RESERVES (Saleel Sathe) (10) v MANCHESTER UNITED (Hope Arnold) (5)
11. MILLWALL (John Collins) (2) v BENGAL MUMBAI F.C. (Haresh Mirani) (6)
12. SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY (Janet Jones) (24) v DARTMOOR ROVERS (Jill Taylor) (14)
13. ANKARAGÜCÜ (Matthew White) (11) v WEST BROMWICH ALBION (Mark Young) (8)
14. BUNCH OF LOSERS (Michael Whitty) (30) v WINCHESTER CITY (Nicola Savage) (22)
15. IPSWICH TOWN (Nick Watson) (3) v DC ADUNITED (Patrick Bevilacqua) (19)
16. NEWCASTLE UNITED (Basil Bradley) (36) v JERSEY UNITED (Mike Dufficy) (9)

* figures in brackets show current league position

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