The Predictorship Week 29 – Blatter’s “Our Football is Ill” Claim Rubbished

Players: 43 out of 49. Points scored: 289. Highest score: 10 (David Roberts and Matthew White). Average score: 6.72. Total correct scores: 42. Prediction of the Week: Brian Dunlop (USA 3-1 Ecuador).

Results: Lithuania 0-1 France (6); Scotland 2-1 Georgia (8); Greece 1-4 Turkey (0); Czech Republic 1-2 Germany (15); Republic of Ireland 1-0 Wales (10); Israel 0-0 England (1); Liechtenstein 1-4 Northern Ireland (0); Holland 0-0 Romania (1); Brazil 4-0 Chile (0); USA 3-1 Ecuador (1).

Current Top 10 …

Pos. – Team – (Predictor) – Week 29 Points – Correct Results – Correct Scores – Total Points

1. MANCHESTER CITY (Christine Butters) – 7 – 155 – 43 – 198
2. MANCHESTER UNITED (Hope Arnold) – 7 – 156 – 39 – 195
3. CHELSEA (Dave Taylor) – 9 – 154 – 34 – 188
4. WEST BROMWICH ALBION (Mark Young) – 6 – 147 – 35 – 182
5. BENGAL MUMBAI F.C. (Haresh Mirani) – 7 – 137 – 44 – 181
6. LIVERPOOL RESERVES (Saleel Sathe) – 7 – 142 – 38 – 180
7. ANKARAGÃœCÃœ (Matthew White) – 10 – 150 – 30 – 180
8. MILLWALL (John Collins) – 6 – 139 – 40 – 179
9. IPSWICH TOWN (Nick Watson) – 6 – 139 – 37 – 176
10. JERSEY UNITED (Mike Dufficy) – 8 – 143 – 32 – 175

“We have come to a crossroads, our football is ill,” FIFA president Sepp Blatter warned us last week. Do your homework Sepp: football is antibiotic free and fighting fit here in the Predictorship.

Christine Butters (Manchester City) – now 100 points better off than Norman No Mates – and Hope Arnold (Manchester United) maintain the status quo at the top of the table, but further ‘down down’ the pecking order Dave Taylor (Chelsea) narrows the gaping chasm by collecting nine points. It’s ‘never too late’, Dave, so ‘don’t stop’ believing until it’s mathematically impossible to snatch the title from the so-called “Manchester Two”. Note to perplexed Stateside predictors: Status Quo are an enduring beat combo from London.

A healthy average of 6.72 is spearheaded by David Roberts (Watford) and Matthew White (Ankaragücü), who both net 10 points. The long-suffering Forest fan is indebted to his Turkish wife for a 10th point, confident her countrymen would batter the Greeks in their own back yard. Nick Watson’s “big fight” did not materialise in Athens, however, so the potential for the biggest footballing fracas since a Spurs fan tried to lamp Chelsea’s Frank at the end of last week’s FA Cup quarter-final replay happily came to nothing more than a scuffle outside a kebab shop in Hackney.

Another bore draw for England, a Landon Donovan-inspired victory for the USA against Ecuador and a hat-trick for Northern Ireland’s David Healy, who has been undeniably naff for the sinking ship that is Leeds this season, were some of the “highlights” of another international week in the Predictorship, which continues to grab headlines despite some unsavoury incidents in the murky worlds of cricket (murder), rugby union (deliberate choking) and golf (endless boredom).

And now for an appeal …

At the end of this season, The Nottingham Florist will attempt to compile a table of tables, logging every point, every correct result and every correct score since the Predictorship started some eight or nine seasons ago, thus revealing the most successful player in Predictorship history.

If you have a copy of a final table from the Predictorship era, please forward it to Many thanks.

Question of the Week …

It’s a feat more impressive than Giampaolo Pazzini’s 28-second goal and 68-minute hat-trick in the first competitive game at the new Wembley and a fact more amazing than Vinnie Jones, Frank Leboeuf, Ralf Little and former Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook playing together for celebrity side Hollywood United F.C. …

One player in the top four English divisions has yet to taste defeat this season. The player in question, who made his league debut in 1998 against his current club, has turned out regularly for two different teams and scored a goal at the weekend. Who is he? Answer next week …

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