The Predictorship: Week 37 – Sally’s Over the Moon

I can exclusively reveal that Sally Moon’s Blackburn Rovers will do battle with Alex Iskandar Liew’s Tricky Trees in the final of The Predictorship Cup on Saturday, 17th May.

Sally’s Rovers put paid to an all-Nottingham Forest final with a 5-3 semi-final replay win over Matthew White’s band of merry men, picking up maximum points for Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1 and a surprise bonus point for predicting a Fulham win at Reading with her “last minute” selections.

“That’s great,” confirmed an elated Sally to the beaten semi-finalists. “It’s good to have some cheery news. It must have been the training at Ewood (Park) that did it, probably led your boys astray.” (Forest had a vigorous training session in Blackburn the night before the big re-match.)

In the league, it’s déjà vu all over again for the leading predictors, who collectively fail to press home their superiority with some outlandish mediocrity. Still, Mike Dufficy’s five points are enough to extend his title-winning lead to 12 points and bring up his 25th consecutive week at the helm. Dave Taylor (4 points), Matthew White (3), Saleel Sathe (5) and Christine Butters (3) are powerless to loosen Mike’s grip on the trophy, although Cathryn Harker bursts into the top five with a respectable seven points.

Ted Warland returns to the top 20 for the first time in yonks courtesy of week 37’s top score, nine points. “Like Arsenal, I’m only playing for the honour now,” revealed Ted when submitting his predictions. Consider yourself well and truly honoured, Mr Warland.

Nearly everyone who’s anyone this week bagged two points for Birmingham 1 Everton 1, and Ted – whose other spot-on prediction was the game at Old Trafford – was given a run for his honour by eight-pointers from Dave McAleer, Nick Watson, Michael Whitty and Anuradha Shenoy, who had the audacity to pick a seismic three correct scores from the ruins of this wretched week.

Premier League Results (Week 37): Birmingham 1-1 Everton (13); Bolton 1-0 West Ham (7); Derby 0-6 Aston Villa (0); Portsmouth 0-0 Newcastle (1); Reading 0-2 Fulham (0); Sunderland 1-2 Manchester City (2); Tottenham 1-1 Middlesbrough (4); Liverpool 3-1 Blackburn (3); Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal (9); Chelsea 1-1 Wigan (0).

* Figures in brackets show the number of correct predictions for each game.

Highest Score (Week 37): 9 – Ted Warland.
Average Score (Week 37): 4.95.
Prediction of the Week (Week 37): Trevor Morris, Wendy Nathan and Michael Whitty (Liverpool 3-1 Blackburn); Nicola Savage and Iain Starr (Sunderland 1-2 Manchester City).

Top of the Table (Week 37):

1. Jersey United (Mike Dufficy) – 268 pts
2. Chelsea (Dave Taylor) – 256 pts
3. Nottingham Forest (Matthew White) – 254 pts
4. Liverpool Reserves (Saleel Sathe) – 251 pts
5. Clapton F.C. (Cathryn Harker) – 248 pts
6. Manchester City (Christine Butters) – 247 pts
7. Blackburn Rovers (Sally Moon) – 243 pts
8. West Ham United (Wendy Nathan) – 243 pts
9. Charlton Athletic (Nigel Birrell) – 242 pts
10. Dartmoor Rovers (Jill Taylor) – 240 pts

Question of the Week …

Which former Welsh international and Manchester United trainee has turned out for Crewe Alexandra, Leicester City, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County but has never played in the Championship? Answer at the bottom of the page.

Quotes of the Week …

“Ooh, that looks like a dislocated finger for Kevin Davies. That’s a real man, isn’t it? (He) turns away as the physio straightens it for him, and there’s barely a flinch” – Match of the Day’s Tony Gubba, Bolton v West Ham.

“I think we can safely say that the game is over” – Match of the Day’s master of the understatement, Ian Gwyn Hughes, Derby v Aston Villa, immediately after Villa striker Marlon Harewood makes it 6-0 to the visitors.

‘Question of the Week’ answer: Robbie Savage.

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