The Predictorship: Week 1 – ‘Girl Power’ Storms Ahead

Report by the Blackburn Rover…

It’s week 1 in a whole new Predictorship season and along with the other retirements, transfers and signings in the closed season, the Nottingham Florist has hung up his ribbons and passed on his pinking shears to the Blackburn Rover. All your comments and contributions will be gratefully received for inclusion in the weekly summing up as the season progresses.

So without further ceremony (or small Chinese children syncing to the music)… on to the cut and thrust of the table.

Reflecting the impressive female medal tally in Beijing, the Predictorship ‘golden girls’ Hope Arnold and Chris Butters forge ahead with an impressive nine points each. But with little to separate the runners and riders in this first week, I won’t be betting my Jimmy Choos on who will be holding the two shiny cups aloft too early in the season.

It’s an impressive line up: not only do we have the regular high flyers (look at the numbers in brackets next to the names for last year’s positions…), we also have a scattering of celebrities in the 40-strong ‘seekers of glory’. Welcome to Mr ‘We are the Champions’ Roger Taylor, and also to Ralph Hannah (AKA Michael Fish); a name chosen because, according to Ralph, ‘he was a great forecaster’ (I’ll spare the puns on cooking up storms, ill winds etc….).

For those of you new to predicting, you should be aware of our two ‘ghost’ players: Mark Lawrenson and Norma No Mates. Mark’s predictions are from the BBC website each week, and Norma just registers 0–0 draws, so for anybody inclined to go with Mark or choose the later tactic, we’ll be on to you!

Our star ‘Predictors of the Week’ have started the season with some fine crystal ball gazing. Ted Warland correctly foresaw Bolton’s surprise 3-1 victory over Stoke after their near disastrous form last season. Rob Molloy put his faith in the Premiership virgins Hull, correctly predicting their 2-1 win over Fulham; I am almost embarrassed to mention my own tealeaf-tossing success seeing Chelsea triumphing impressively over Portsmouth (4–0). So the gauntlet has been thrown down… Let the games begin.

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