Butters’ Side Up

Streaking ahead with gravity-defying form this week is ‘former Predictorship cup-winner’ Chris Butters. With an incredible four correct scores this weekend it looks like it’s going to take more than a little ‘smart-arsed, stat-fuelled clairvoyancy’, as predictor Nick Watson puts it, to make a bid for glory this year.

Training in the close season has obviously finely honed last year’s champion predictors, with three of last year’s top five finalists in the top five again: Dave Taylor and Saleel Sathe run out in impressive form, hauling in three correct scores each and keeping Chris within fouling distance. Arsene Wenger must be wondering why the training at Arsenal’s new facilities hasn’t borne similar fruit.

But the Gordon Brown handshake has to go to Nicola Savage, who not only scored with three correct results but is also one of this week’s two ‘Star Predictors’, correctly pulling out a 1-1 draw at Blackburn for Hull from her kit bag.

Our Mystic Meg award goes to John Collins for his Tottenham 1-2 Sunderland which, even at this early stage, must be in the running for the ‘Prediction of the Season’. “It was an obvious choice for an upset,” John reflected on hearing the final score, “following Spurs’ performance last week and Sunderland’s signing of Cisse” … or maybe that was just a lucky guess John!

However, with such searing insights to be had, the Blackburn Rover will be out and about this week hoping to prise a few more quotes and tips from our Predictorship high flyers.
You have been warned!

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