Stormin’ Norma

The depression was more than atmospheric this week, with the average score faltering a paltry 3.47 and a top score staggering to an unimpressive 6!

As hurricane Gustav strikes Louisiana, Predictorship towers is just recovering from the turmoil of disastrous results. So turbulent was the scoring that among the few predictors cooking up a storm was our resident wild card Norma No Mates.

Norma was, in her usually cautious style, predictably tight-lipped about her against-all-odds change of fortune. Possibly a wise tactic, given that the over-optimistic Steve Dunlop (Benfica) anticipated delivering ‘the season’s biggest leap up the table’, only to turn in an unremarkable 4. However – emailing from a bar in the remote mountains of darkest Peru (while chewing on a marmalade sandwich…), does earn him the ‘most heroic attempt at posting a Predictorship score in the face of adversity award’.

Can anybody top that?

In fact, previous high fliers continue to flounder in the relegation zone:
Our resident ‘Stato’ and bronze medallist Matt White (Fenerbahce), by his own admission ‘struggling to get his faltering campaign into second gear’ (possibly as a result of early morning calls from newborn daughter Lara) struggles up one spot to 28. Meanwhile Mark Young, our Beijing correspondent, must be wishing that some of the medal-winning form he witnessed would rub off on his beloved Baggies. It can only be a matter of time, surely.

Nevertheless success must be celebrated, however slim, and congratulations go to Dave Taylor’s Chelsea for shimmying artfully past Chris Butters to the top of the pile with one of only two six point scores this week.

The ‘Predictors of the week’ have surprisingly plumped for Norma’s favourite 0-0 score: Simon Gold’s Tottenham (for Bolton v West Brom) and Pete Yoder’s Wolves (for Villa v Liverpool).

With little more that can be said after such an exhausting dip in form, we finish with some uplifting words from our ‘chairman’ David Roberts: ‘Play the percentages and don’t try do be too clever.’

Possibly something to chew on in the week to come…

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