The Great Pretender

Roger Taylor is this weeks’ ‘Great Pretender’, putting the early leaders, Chris Butters and Dave Taylor, ‘Under Pressure’ to coast past into the lead and ‘Break Free’ at the top of the table. It’s a ‘Kind of Magic’, surely?

And there must be some necromancy going on in the woods elsewhere with the spookily clairvoyant Rob Molloy and Wendy Nathan both predicting the 3–1 rout of Manchester City by Chelsea on Saturday, despite Robinho’s early goal.

Hope Arnold, Nicola Savage and Mark Young also waved their wands this week to conjure up a score line of 2–1 at Anfield, sending ‘the Reds’ tumbling down to 14th place in the league just below Bolton! If only such powers were available to Mervyn King…

Ted Warland, on the other hand, has resorted to the novel tactic of rain-dancing in his garden to drum up a little luck but disappointed, drained and dampened by his resulting three point haul, we don’t recommend you try this at home!

However, Ted needn’t feel too disheartened as this weeks ‘washout’ awards have to be handed to Ralph Hannah, David Jones and Norma No Mates, who could do with a trip to Hogwarts to brush up on their ball-gazing skills, managing to score only one pawltry point a piece…

Many predictors weighed in with a cautious handful of offerings again, hoping to avoid the hazards of sub prime speculation and the 2–1 tally at the Portsmouth-Middlesbrough game rewarded thirteen of you with a useful two points.

And finally, the ‘damp squib’ award of the week is handed to James Bradley with a no show and a second yellow card. Time to get off the subs bench James, Lawro’s catching you up!

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