Backing Butters

Now the conference season is well under way Chris Butters steps up to the podium once more to take a shaky lead in this week’s Predictorship battle for the premiership title.

Meanwhile, Pete Yoder is campaigning in the wings and shows his colours, reaching an all time high position as he eyes up Chris’s shoes for size (the heels wouldn’t suit you Pete). But nobody should be preparing any acceptance speeches just yet as last week’s ‘Great Pretender’ Roger Taylor, hand in hand with Dave Taylor, conspires to form a family coup close behind. It looks like Chris will need to avoid travelling in any open top cars for the time being!

Speculation continues to be rife throughout the table with short selling suspected as Saleel Sathe, Maziar Sattari and Pete Yoder pull in the bonuses with a top score of 9. There is also a suspicion of insider dealing with some disturbingly accurate foresight over the weekend: Dave Breese, Sally Moon and Tom Palmer (Bolton 1-3 Arsenal); Dave Breese and Mark Young (West Ham 3-1 Newcastle) and Mark Lawrenson (Hull 2-2 Everton), who are all likely to be hearing from Alasdair Darling in the next 24 hours.

Sometimes absence is the best policy, and it certainly worked for Rob Molloy, our only absent predictor this week, who still climbs four places! Not something to be encouraged as Norma No Mates will testify as she, once again, reflects on her position at the bottom of the table.

We wish Mark Young better luck this week with West Bromwich losing to Aston Villa on his birthday last Sunday and we hope some of Nick Watson’s ‘mystical foresight’ last weekend will rub off on us all…

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