Young Guns

Pete Yoder cowers in the corner of the Predictorship saloon as gun-toting Roger Taylor blasts his way past to the top of the pile. No time for a novice? Roger doesn’t think so, and with his 10 point scoring frenzy I’m in no mood to argue.

But there’s dust flying up in the street outside as Mark ‘Butch’ Young rides into town. Galloping up a massive 11 places from 33 to 22, the Baggies boy looks like he means business; and shooting correct scores for every game except Arsenal–Wigan, it appears the notorious gun slinger will be taking no prisoners in his quest for glory.

Meanwhile, chewing on an old charoot in the corner, Matt ‘Angel Eyes’ White contemplates the errors of his high-risk ‘three-draw, goals aplenty’ poker strategy and gets ready to throw in his hand. An empty bottle sits between him and his companion Mark ‘Mose’ Lawrenson gibbering incontinently in the corner, ‘City have have got some real quality in all areas, so it’s a case of softly, softly, catchy monkey.’

It looks as if Matt’s in for a long week of soul-searching.

Nobody likes a quitter though, and this week’s sharp shooters are squaring up in the Corrall for some last minute target practice, preparing for the week ahead: Rob ‘Morgan’ Molloy, Wendy Nathan, Gabe Bevilacqua, Patrick Bevilacqua, Jill Taylor and Roger Taylor all hit the mark with three correct scores apiece and it looks like they could be spoiling for a fight.

But time’s running out and back in the bar Mark ‘Butch’ Young is dealing out the cards waiting for Jill ‘Annie’ Taylor. Will her luck hold out after their joint ‘Prediction of the week’ for the Everton–Liverpool result?

Mose Lawrenson ambles over to watch. ‘It’ll be easier to sell the club (Newcastle) with a manager in who’s taking them up the league,’ he muses, ‘and if that happens then it wouldn’t matter if it was Bela Lugosi doing the job.’

Come on Roger, time to get out your Colt 45!

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