Mantras and meditation

Is that a bad Moon rising or a flock of yogic fliers sailing over the hillside? Who can say, but the mystic east must be having some affect on the Collins clan (Sally Moon and John Collins) who both rack up top scores of 9 points after their relocation to India for the winter. The result of these mysterious influences is to leave Mystic Moon meditating on her position at second place in the table, just under Chris Butters – top for the sixth time this season.

Also on the road to enlightenment this week is Rob Molloy who levitates into the top 10 with his Reading Reserves. Could he be looking for promotion and a buyer with a big fat pay cheque now Stuart Claxton’s Reading have dropped out of the Predictorship this season? He could always try Reading’s famous convent girl, Marianne Faithful if he’s feeling lucky…

Not a sentiment felt by Gareth Jones, this week’s ashram drop-out, with only one meagre point. But the spiritual journey is not an easy one, as Predictorship chairman, David Roberts will testify:

“we’ve travelled 1,400 miles, sweltered in the 97 degree desert…” and still only managed to rake in 4 points. It’s a cruel world out there, David.

However, a little faith can go a long way and praise for positive thought goes to the apprentices still attempting to get into the lotus position:

“I have a feeling in my water I could be shooting up the table this weekend.” Dave Breeze (4 points – position 37)

“Still got my sights set on that top 20 though and top 10 by Christmas!” Stephen Dunlop (5 points – position 21)

Nevertheless a bit of mantra-chanting has paid dividends for a few with 22 correct scores predicted this week: Everton 1-0 Fulham (9); Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool (2 – Janet Roberts and John Collins); Middlesbrough 1-1 West Ham (6); West Brom 2-2 Blackburn (2 – Patrick Bevilacqua and Sally Moon); Bolton 2-0 Manchester City (1 – John Collins); Newcastle 2-0 Aston Villa (2 – Jill Taylor and Sally Moon).

Honourable mention for the judicious hanging of a prayer flag goes to the “Baggies Boy” Mark Young for accurately predicting the Chelsea and Manchester United goalfests, if not the correct scores (Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland, Manchester United 4-0 Hull City).

.. and could somebody give Mark Fitch a nudge? Obviously languishing in a trance like state somewhere under an orange blanket, he’s failed to get is scores in for three consecutive weeks. WAKE UP MARK!

Finally, apologies to Chris Butters (rising in Week 11 to the top for the 5th and now 6th week of the season), Pete Yoder (top in Week 10 for the first time this season), and especially to Master Yogi Steve McHugh who hit a mighty 14 points in Week 9, narrowly failing to match Stewart Newport’s record score of 15 from the 2005/06 season. Steve recorded 9 correct results (missing out on Scotland 0 Norway 1) and FIVE correct scores (the games in Argentina, Sweden, Estonia, Wales and Slovenia). Respect Steve and apologies for failing to report your achievements in the last three weeks due to relocation and Indian power cuts.

Rest assured, we’re back for the rest of the season. See you all again next week.

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