Cocktails and Karma

As the storm clouds swept across Southern India this weekend the Predictorship scores were whipped up yet again in another turbulent week.

Shaken but not stirred by the erratic score lines Norma no-mates nonchalantly sips her vodka-martini, spinning the little olive around contentedly after bagging another 7 points.

And gamesmanship is the name of the week as shockingly, the yellow-carded Steve McHugh and Nick Watson throw back their Jack Daniels and carefully aim a spittoon at the judging panel as they surge into the Top 10 with seven points apiece. Shameful.

But for skillful mixing and flipping of cherries across the bar, we should applaud Mark Fitch and David Roberts who both spirited up an impressive 7 points from this week’s bizarre score lines. As if that was not enough Chairman David and our other British Hit Singles and Albums mainstay, Dave McAleer, watch the sun rise happily over their tequilas, being the only predictors to whisk up more than one correct score.

Incredibly, the top 3 remain unchanged despite the last few low-scoring weeks, (although none of the top players have anything to celebrate as the average still lingers below 4 at 3.97 – only the slightest improvement over last week’s 3.34). However, champagne corks are popped and glasses raised to Predictorship leader, Chris Butters, who continues to lead the table and is the first Predictor of the season to reach a century (maybe she could teach the England cricket team a thing or too). Cheers Chris!

With such unexceptional scoring across the table, the unspectacular Manchester City 0 Manchester United 1 result is Prediction of the Week, dexterously decanted by Chris Butters, Alex Iskandar Liew, Dave Taylor and Pete Yoder.

Regretfully this weeks Hairy Virgins (yes, it is a real cocktail!) are the Blackburn Rover and John Collins for ‘Quote of the Week’, as selected by ‘Stato’ Matt White: “Roused by your (David R’s) speech we are confident of a fantastic week of predicting!” And what happened? Sally Moon 2 points, John Collins 1 point. Oh dear. That’s what bad karma can do for you.

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