Carpet Capers

Oscar season is nearly upon us and Predictors across the globe are getting all starry-eyed and enviously eyeing up the silverware…

Chris Butters has uncharacteristically taken her eye of the ball to practice her red carpet walk after an astounding 19 weeks at the top. Only two points for Chris this week which means ‘co-nominees’ Saleel Sathe and Pete Yoder (only two points behind) have now laced up their shiny shoes to try out a little fancy footwork of their own.

Fame and fortune can turn a man’s head, and even rookie Dave Breese has been spurred on by the thought of a podium speech and a hug from Hugh Jackman. Dave is short of recognition from the Chairman, even after confounding the odds at Ladbrokes with an imposing 9 points to top this weeks scoring but, cheery as ever, he’s still singing as he’s winning… ‘here we go, 2, 3, 4!’ all together now…

Nick Watson
also digs deep (in the cat litter at his parent’s house we understand as he pondered his selection of scores) in a bid for glory. An interesting and obviously successful technique.

Maybe a little dust sifting could the answer to Mark Young’s sorry dip in form as he currently sits in 24th place? Lusting after success again, Mark and the Moonerazzi are once again clashing swords and menacingly brandishing their literary awards at each other out in the car park. ‘Emmy award winner’ Mark’s prediction this week that Ted Warland will be Poet Laureate before ‘Cambridge Poetry award winner’ the Moonerazzi, has left him dawdling enviously below the half way mark once more and unlikely to see another shiny statue on his mantle piece this year.

However, at the sharp end of the table, there’s all to play for: a dizzying array of talent can be found vying for 4th place as the nominees take their seats and rummage through their complementary gift bags (with 9 predictors separated by just 4 points, there are some good odds to be had this year).

And in amongst these ‘A’ listers there are four seasonal highs this week checking their notes and touching up the mascara – Saleel Sathe (2nd), ‘Predictorship Cup Chairman’ Matthew White (8th), Patrick Bevilacqua (9th) and ‘Chairman’ David Roberts (11th). Rumour of score-rigging are rife but the mud slingers have yet to produce their evidence.

Unfortunately every year, there are a few dirty tricks uncovered and sadly bandwagon-jumping Patrick Bevilacqua scored an undeserved 8 points (along with Norma No-mates) by abstaining from this week’s competition. A tactic frowned upon by the Chairman and one to be openly discouraged. Despite this censure however, Norma is brazenly celebrating her century of points (now ‘just’ 63 behind the leader!) in an empty press box.

Meanwhile, striding into the foyer in their Christian Louboutin’s are our Predictors of the Week: Mark Young (Fulham 3-1 Portsmouth) and Sally Moon (Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea) keeping a wary eye on each other; Dave Breese (Hull 2-2 West Brom) and John Collins (Stoke 1-0 Man. City) boisterously singing their favourite football chant ‘No one likes us… we don’t care!’ and arguing over which club thought of it first. Dave and John also racked up three correct scores each (alongside Norma of course).

So prepare your speeches and get ready for to rub shoulders with the stars. The stakes are raised as the Predictorship hurtles headlong into another intrepid week.